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Kitchen Audit Checklist

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Kitchen Audit Checklist
All floors and aisles clean and kept clear
All equipment tested and working i.e. grills & fryers
All electricals tested and working
All lights tested and working
All doors tested and working
All doors tested and working
Fire extinguishers in place and tested within last 6 months
Record 1
Record 2
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Turn issues into actions

Performing regular internal audits helps you prevent accidents, protects you from legal action, and of course, prepares you for an external EHO inspection.

Kitchen audit checklist
A kitchen audit checklist helps you assess your kitchen equipment, premises, procedures and hygiene practices to ensure your business is compliant. The checklist helps to:

  • Identify any potential risks, so you can proactively correct them.
  • Detect any problems with your processes.
  • Ensure hygiene standards are being met, keeping your customers and team safe.
  • Prepare you for external audits – running an effective internal audit is the best way to ensure you don’t have any surprises during an EHO inspection. Proper documentation also serves as evidence in an inspection.

Despite their benefits, traditional audits can be time-consuming.

That’s where we come in. Trail automates repetitive admin with simple digital checks and audit logs.

Here's how Trail can help

  • Guide you teams. Automatically remind teams when an audit is due and make sure the right steps are taken.
  • Turn issues into action. Take any issues that are identified in your audits and turn them into regular or one-off tasks to make sure they get actioned.
  • Take photographic evidence. Take photos directly through the app for a more comprehensive kitchen audit. Remove any doubt with evidence and accountability.
  • Get real-time visibility. Don't wait for an audit to find out of something isn't right. With Trail, dashboards and daily reports highlight issues in real-time, so potential issues can be resolved before they become a problem.

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