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Kitchen Closing Checks

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Kitchen Closing Checks πŸŒ–
Everyday After Close

Great job... it's time to check and record your kitchen closing! 🌝

All dishes, cutlery and kitchen equipment cleaned and put away
Sink / hand wash and surrounding tiles / surfaces clear and sanitised
Waste removed from premises and bins (including surrounding tiles) sanitised
Bench fridges / freezers cleaned, tidied and prepped
Shelves cleaned, tidied and prepped
Shelves cleaned, tidied and prepped
Walk-in fridges / freezers cleaned, tidied and prepped
All doors cleaned and locked
Flush drains
Record 1
Record 2
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Leave your kitchen how you'd expect to find it

Tired legs and minds at the end of a long shift means stuff can be missed. A bad close can have a butterfly affect on the next day and checklists are the protective measure.

Make sure your teams never miss a detail again, with a set of simple closing checklists. This kitchen template compliments your Front of House, and Health & Safety opening checks, and makes sure your food areas are clean, prepped, and ready for service.

  • Kitchen cleanliness
  • Equipment shut down
  • Prep area tidied and sanitised
  • Food labelled and packed away
  • Waste cleared

Teams can take pictures for evidence of any problems so management can get ahead of problems before staff arrive in the morning.


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