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Kitchen Opening and Closing Checklist

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Kitchen Opening & Closing Checklists
Turn on the lights
Turn on equipment and make sure it's working
Unlock freezers
Unlock fridges
Unlock freezers
Check dates of food and dispose of anything needed
Check food has been stored correctly over night
Check all areas on the kitchen are clean
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Set your kitchen up for the day ahead

From preparing ingredients in the morning to storing them safely at the end of the day, kitchen opening and closing checks are crucial to the effective running of your restaurant or pub.

Kitchen opening and closing checklists

An opening and closing checklist is a helpful tool to make sure nothing gets missed, however big or small. Checklists can also be used to prove accountability and insure everything runs smoothly. So you can rest easy knowing everything’s taken care of.

Kitchen opening tasks include:

  • Checking the previous days closing checks were completed.
  • COVID-19 health and hygiene checks
  • Turning on basic utilities (e.g. lights, ventilation, etc.).
  • Inspecting whether staff uniforms are clean.
  • Checking and logging fridge and freezer temperatures.
  • Checking for pest activity
  • Restocking fridge and storing food properly (e.g. labeling, dates, etc.).
  • Pre-heating kitchen equipment (e.g. ovens, griddles, etc.).
  • Checking bookings and any special requirements (e.g. food allergies or intolerances).
  • Inspecting the kitchen area to check if closing procedures were effectively carried out during the previous shift (e.g., cleanliness, equipment malfunctions, proper storage etc.).

Kitchen closing tasks include:

  • Shutting off all heating equipment and other utilities.
  • Double checking if any perishable foods have been left out.
  • Checking for anything that is out of date and disposing of it
  • Checking the fridge and freezers are working and locked.
  • Locking the cabinets.
  • Cleaning and sanitising the kitchen
  • Activating the alarm system.
  • Locking up the building.

With so much to do each day, it’s easy for something to get missed. That’s where Trail comes in. Trail digitises all that paperwork, letting the right person know what to do at the right time.

Here’s how Trail can help

  • ‍Digitise all that paperwork. Save time by automating repetitive data entry. A digital record is quicker, safer and smarter.
  • Streamline processes. Guide your team through their day with simple bite-sized tasks, all in one app. Teams know what to do. Managers know it’s done. Never miss a check again.
  • Spot issues sooner.Trail automatically prompts your teams when something doesn’t look right. So you can take corrective action before issues become big.
  • Get performance insights. Dashboards and daily reports highlight issues in real-time, so they can be resolved quickly without the need for time-consuming and expensive audits.

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