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Sink and Water Checks

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Sink and Water Checks 🚰
Everyday by 07:30am

Use this task to record your sink and water checks. 🚰

Follow the instructions and use the form below to easily keep records of your hot water!

1. Turn on the hot water tap and allow the water to flow for `15 to 20 seconds`
2. Ensure your temperature probe is clean, use a probe wipe if necessary
3. Turn on the temperature probe and hold the tip of the probe in the hot running water for `at least 10 seconds`
4. Once the probe has reached a final temperature, record it on the form (below)
5. This is to be carried out in all sinks.

Please note: If you have more than one hand wash sink you must record the temperature for each one.

Hot Water Check
Record 1
Record 2
1 / 3
Temperature after 1min

Make sure your water temperature is hot enough to help remove bacteria

Hot water plays a critical role in any hospitality environment. Whether you are washing your hands or washing the surfaces, the temperature of the water used needs to reach 50°C after a minute to make the soap or detergent lathers up properly. This lathering is really important in making sure the bacteria detaches from the surface and is effectively removed.

If an environmental health officer (EHO) inspects your property and finds there is insufficient hot water then there can be 6 figure fines and possible closures.

Don't take any risks on your customer's health and your own reputation.

Here's how Trail makes these regular checks relatively painless:

  • Corrective action. Automatically prompt your teams to take action if the temperature drops below a certain level.
  • Built in training. Attach videos and guides to make sure teams know how to take temperatures correctly.
  • Log issues. Quickly upload photos or comments from any device to make escalating issues as easy as possible.
  • Accountability. Each checklist item you complete will be time and user stamped. This level of accountability means staff will make sure they complete the task before signing it off.  
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