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Weekly Probe Calibration

Keep your temperature reading accurate

Weekly Probe Calibration 🌡
Every Monday

Calibrate your probe using ice and boiling water. When tested in boiling water the probe temperature must reach between 99℃ & 101℃ and when in ice it must reach between -1℃ and 1℃. If the probe does not reach these requirements it must be re-calibrated or replaced - report these findings to your manager.

Remember to record the temperatures: if it's not right then record what happened to the food or any explanations for gaps.

Probe Calibration
Record 1
Record 2
1 / 3
Iced / Boiling

Weekly probe calibrations are a crucial part of your food safety management system, often referred to as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

They make sure your probes are accurate that in turn ensures food is of high quality and safe for consumption. A record log shows due diligence and can lead to those all important 5* food hygiene ratings.

Here's how Trail makes calibrations easier:

  • Faster record keeping. Quickly capture data from each probe with smart inputs for quickly choosing hot or cold and the last probe name/ID is remembered to avoid repetition.
  • Corrective action. Automatically prompt your teams to take action if data is outside the acceptable range.
  • Digital audit log. Prove to management and auditors that your team is up to date with digital audit logs to report any problems and actions taken.
  • Built in training. Attach guides on how to calibrate accurately to reduce chance of error as well as the training burden.

The next step is to chip away at every friction point until none remain — record keeping becomes automated and invisible. Wireless temperature monitoring via Bluetooth and APIs pump data directly into Trail, leaving the user just to review & approve, or simply be alerted on exception. Check out our integrations page for more details.

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