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Manorview Hotels use digital checklists for their daily tasks

In the hotel business, every little detail matters.

These details add up to experiences that guests rave about (be it good or bad) to friends and family, or on the nearest hotel review site.

Manorview Hotels understands that these little details don’t just happen by accident. With so many moving parts, they know their teams need a clear guide to keep standards high and consistent across all their properties.

Previously, they managed operations with paper-based systems and found they lacked the visibility and reliability they needed to keep standards high and make working lives easier. With Trail, Manorview Hotels is able to set out a series of digital checklists for departments throughout the establishment to ensure the little details that make guest experiences great are being completed.

From head office operations, spa and leisure facilities maintenance, food safety, front of house management, housekeeping, room checks and more, Manorview uses Trail to deliver tasks to their site staff and stay on top of what’s happening in each of their properties.

"As a Group we are constantly looking for ways to increase our efficiency, provide an even better service for our customers, while also taking care of our teams by providing great working environments for them.

Technology brings many new innovative tools onto the market, and we have spent a bit of time reviewing what is out there.

We have invested in Trail and we are already seeing a huge benefit across the entire group."
David Tracey
Operations Director

Manorview Hotels
Key results
Improved visibility over all properties
Removal of paper checklists in multiple departments
Shaped the technology around existing business processes

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