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Allergen Separation

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Allergen Separation 🍤

Use this task to record your allergen checks!

Note: Gluten free products must be stored away from all other products. Products with nuts must be stored away from all other products.


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Implement a robust allergen management process

Allergen separation is an essential part of any food safety management system. With the rising presence of allergic reactions in the media, you can't afford to get this wrong.

It's not just about the media. Environmental health officers will check how your sesame seeds, celery and the other 12 allergens are labelled. To pass your EHO check with flying colours and get that 5* food hygiene rating (Scores on the doors) you'll need to label these correctly and ideally have separate areas/utensils for certain allergens such as nuts.

  • Accountability. Each checklist item is time and user stamped.
  • Faster record keeping. Quickly capture data from all your team with smart inputs built specifically for busy staff. For example recording data around shellfish food safety.
  • Built in training. Allergen training videos attached to each task means staff can always reference them if they have any questions around cross-contamination.  
  • Photographic evidence. Whether it’s a photo to document corrective action or to prove the recordings were taken. Remove any doubt with hard evidence.
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