3 pillars to support growing operations

Discover the three key pillars to support the growth of your business operations. In this blog post, we share insights into essential elements that can help your business scale sustainably. Read more now and learn how to strengthen your operations and take your business to the next level.
Stephanie Wedderburn
Apr 2023
4 min read

Strong foundations will help scale your restaurant, takeaway or catering business.

We previously looked at 3 ingredients for award-winning operations. With a strong brand in place, the next challenge is replicating that success across multiple sites.

3 operational pillars will help food service businesses:

  1. Consistency: Create a blueprint for brand standards
  2. Efficiency: Build a financial buffer by doing more with less
  3. Compliance: FSA regulations and GDPR are just around the corner

1. Consistency

Once you’ve created your first, perfect venue, it’s natural to start thinking about growth. Growth comes with a whole new series of risks though. The biggest being that your unique brand and customer experience can start to become watered down as standards slip.

Maintaining consistency as you grow is hard. HQ tries to maintain control, often throwing so many initiatives at sites that admin snowballs.

You need a rule book. An operational blueprint.

You may choose to use a staff handbook and/or a series of notices and instructions for this, but we believe that digital is better. With your operational blueprint stored safely in the cloud, your staff can simply pick up their device and begin their shift.

By guiding teams through their day with simple, intuitive tools, the brand standards are reinforced habitually from the first site onwards.

Trail app diagram

2. Efficiency

Business rates, wages, food — costs are going up. Unfortunately there’s very little that can be done about these external pressures, but there are changes you can make internally to build a buffer against them.

  • Fewer maintenance callouts. Having the right procedures in place for when something goes wrong with your equipment can save you a packet — up to 30% of unnecessary callouts.
  • Cut printing costs. Go digital!
  • Reduce unaccounted cash. With a wealth of accounting, POS, and operations software out there you really can count every penny.
  • Save on insurance premiums. Consistent site performance and fewer incidents can keep your premiums low.
  • Simplify communication. Simplifying communication and instructions can go a long way to preventing mistakes and needless expenditure.
  • Save on staff training. Help staff learn as they go by augmenting their daily tasks with discreet and accessible self-help guides and tutorials.

Start forming habits (not audits) and throw out those logbooks! Audits are time-consuming, laborious, and instantly out of date — all of this lends to them being very costly. Multi-site organisations need continual, real-time data (and a top notch system to host it).

Food hygiene rating of 5

3. Compliance

44% of customers won’t visit a venue with FSA rating of 3 (good) or less. With scores on the doors becoming mandatory very soon, restaurants have to act now to get (and maintain) a perfect 5.

Safer food, better business

FSA regulations are continually being updated. Let’s take the recent acrylamide regulations as an example. How are you going to prove to your EHO that you’re cooking food for longer, under 120 degrees?

If their slogan is “go for gold” how about snapping a quick pic of your dishes at that perfect golden-brown, and uploading it to an easy-to-use app, along with a temperature reading below 120? This form of data recording can be applied to all manner of safety checks.

  • Fridge & freezer temperature logs
  • Food temperature
  • Thermometer calibrations
  • Opening & closing checks
  • Incident logging

And lots more. Check out some of our use cases for more examples.


It just takes one teeny, tiny complaint from a disgruntled customer to get your business reported to the ICO and an investigation instigated. Either you, or an appointed officer, need to be reviewing how you capture and store data, like yesterday, and get it up to scratch.

Once you’re confident that your processes and tooling is all GDPR compliant you need to ensure your teams are educated in how to make sure they stay that way.

Trail can help you grow your food service business consistently, efficiently and safely. Get in touch and we’ll show you how.

What customers are saying

"I f****** love Trail, it's taking my businesses to the next level."
Josh Paterson
"We rarely provide training to our guys, they just bought into the idea straight away. I love that I have a full visual of everyone's activity in front of me."
Katrin Toots
Compliance Manager
“It’s not a paper diary that’s covered in barbecue sauce. We have clarity over what’s done in our sites and are confident going into our audits.”
Jay Brown
“The EHO visited almost every site last year and every store was given a five star rating."
Jay Brown
Operations Chef
"We turned our Costa Checks and various compliance forms into regular tasks on Trail, which has contributed to some of the best scores we have had."
Delroy Daniels
Operations Director
"Our teams love it, it gives our managers of all levels absolute clarity on what they need to achieve every day."
James Brown
Operations Director

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