Add extra actions & Flag problems

You can now tailor task checklists to make it more relevant to you and your team
Pete Randall
Oct 2020
4 min read
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Adding items

Managers will now see an “Add item” link at the end of every checklist.

  • Add items when you want to set your team extra tasks to complete
  • Add items when you want to leave hand over notes between shifts or make sure people remember a specific event happening at your site in the future
  • These extra items can replace post-it notes which often litter the back of house areas and can get lost


Look out for the new flag icon next to items on a checklist

  • Flag an item when you can’t complete it (e.g a delivery didn’t arrive)
  • Flag an item when it’s not applicable to your site or on that day (e.g you don’t have garden umbrellas)

When can I start using it?

Get in touch with your customer success manager or support to enable it for your account.

What else we’re working on…

This is just the start of the site level customisation for Trail, soon you’ll be able to:

  • Set items as “never applicable”, so you don’t see them every day
  • Leave comments with attachments, against each item you need to flag
  • Set those extra items to repeat every time the task appears, for regular checks you always want to happen at your site
  • Get email alerts on flagged items

We hope you like the changes and as always, do get in touch if you need a hand.

If you’d like to find how Trail can help your business, chat to us