Apps are better together with Trail

Make tasks even more powerful by connecting Trail to the apps you already use
Gemma Thomas
Oct 2020
4 min read

Make tasks even more powerful by connecting Trail to the apps you already use

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Trail is built to work seamlessly with the tools you and your team already use. The recent addition of over 750 connected apps ensures those time-consuming business processes can become automated workflows in just a few clicks.

Automate processes

By connecting apps such as Deputy, iAuditor, Google Sheets and Fourth, you’re able to automatically create tasks for your teams to complete on the back of certain triggers.

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When a new employee is added on Deputy, a task is created on Trail with documents to sign, videos to watch and points to cover. Tracking employee progress has never been easier


By connecting iAuditor with Trail, actions are extracted from audits and distributed back into sites as tasks on their Trail — a frictionless way to ensure all follow up actions are completed.


☀️ or ☔️ can be the deciding factor on whether sales target are hit. Create a task each day with the day’s forecast to help with shift planning and predictions. If the forecast is rain, automatically add a task with steps to maximise revenue on rainy days.

Google Sheets

Sites log maintenance issues on Trail via an on-demand task. This information is then published on a live spreadsheet for maintenance tracking. Sites are notified automatically when issues are marked as in progress and once complete. This completes the loop, eliminating the need for emails back and forth.

How to get started

First you’ll need to sign up for a free Zapier account here, then give us a shout at or via our in-app messaging and we’ll help you get setup.