Coronavirus & Hospitality: How to Prepare for the Unknown

"Are you prepared for the impact of the coronavirus on your hospitality business? In this blog post, we share tips and strategies to help you prepare for the unknown and keep your business running smoothly. Read more now and learn how to stay ahead of the curve.
Joe Cripps
Apr 2023
4 min read

As the news around Coronavirus develops, we've been debating whether or not we should be adding to the noise by writing about it.

We talked about rounding up tips for hospitality businesses, but with such clear government advice on the COVID-19 virus, there are better qualified people to do that.

What we can do is help you prepare your business for the unknown.

Close-up of person washing their hands

Review your processes

The situation with Coronavirus is still unfolding. With the impact unknown, it's important to keep up to date with the latest government advice. For hospitality businesses, this may mean you need to update existing processes or add new measures quickly.

Reviewing how your business manages change, especially if you have multiple sites or teams, will help you be prepared:

  • Rapid response - Think about the systems you have to manage critical actions. Could they be improved?
  • Communication - Do you have a mechanism for quick, consistent communication to all of your teams?
  • Visibility - Are new processes quickly adopted at site level?

Introducing new measures

Whatever systems you use, have a clear idea how you would quickly introduce new measures into your business.

Here are some examples of checklist items our customers have added in response to Coronavirus.

Hourly cleaning checks

Pay particular attention to areas where hands have been, as the virus can spread through touching surfaces.

Hourly cleaning task checklist on Trail app

Change daily habits quickly

Think about how you can not only add new processes, but quickly form new daily habits in your teams.

For example, checklists can be used for:

  • Reminding staff to wash their hands frequently
  • Checking the hand sanitiser is at the correct dilution rate
  • Keeping the toilets fully stocked with hand soap during high demand

Some of these measures will be very visible to your customers. They're there to protect them, but will also maintain customer confidence, showing you're limiting the risk of spread.

What's next?

The examples above relate to Coronavirus, but this is just the latest unexpected challenge to hit the hospitality industry. It follows Natasha's Law, product recalls and changes to immigration laws.

Whether it's adding extra cleaning checks, updating your health and safety checklist, or following new allergen procedures, it's important you can action new practices with immediate effect.

You can't prepare for every eventuality, but being able to quickly update your processes will give you a solid foundation to respond to the unexpected.

What customers are saying

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