Daily digest update 📬

An improved daily summary of your operation
Jamie Frew
Oct 2020
4 min read
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Managing by exception is a core belief here at Trail. We make this easy with an email digest of all the day’s activity, from missed and late tasks to corrective actions.

The emails provided plenty of information but after identifying what was important to users, it was clearly time for an update.

So we set out to improve legibility whilst increasing value to readers. We were also adamant that no information was omitted from the current email.

So what changes are coming?

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1. New clean look 🛀

We’ve redesigned the daily digest to look cleaner by grouping missed and late tasks by task. Our data indicated sites often shared problematic tasks so this grouping made more sense.

2. Scoring 🎯

All new Trail Scores give an immediate overview of how sites are performing. Single site emails show your score, alongside the company average, providing a baseline. Multi-site emails include area scores as well as a top 5 and bottom 5. This should help with finding who to chase and who to praise at a glance.

3. Conversations 💬

Conversation summaries are now included. The first comment on all tasks are shown alongside links taking you directly to the conversation. So whether it’s a blue roll shortage or a missing light bulb, you’ll hear about it.

This work also paves the way for the instant notifications so watch this space!

4. Unsubscribe 📭

Some members of your company/team may not want a daily digest. They will soon be able to unsubscribe directly from the bottom of the email 😔 👋

Coming up next

The new digest will be with you in the next few weeks and we’ve got lots more new features in the pipeline too. Visit our website to sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to hear about them.