Ongoing tasks

Giving teams more freedom over when to complete longer tasks
Gemma Thomas
Oct 2020
4 min read
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  • Do you feel restricted by inflexible schedules?
  • Are your teams asking for greater autonomy, but you don’t have the tools to maintain standards?

Then our new Ongoing scheduling is just what you need!

With Ongoing tasks, you will be able to widen the window within which tasks can be completed (over single and multiple days), so tasks won’t be marked as late. And teams will have more control over when they complete tasks.

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“What’s new?”, you ask

Ongoing tasks

Now, every task has a start time, and a due time and can run for whole days, weeks and months.

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So those cleaning tasks that need to be done throughout the week? You can now schedule them to first appear on a Monday morning and carry through until Friday close, until the task becomes due.

You don’t mind when during the week those cleaning tasks get done, do you? As long as they get done. Ongoing tasks will float throughout the week.

And that hot holding task that gets attended to throughout the day? Schedule it to start in the morning and end in the evening, and it will float throughout the day.

Which brings us to…


Our new snooze function lets your teams manage their own time by snoozing a task until they’re ready to work on it.

So, those cleaning tasks the team can’t get to today? All they have to do is hit the snooze button and it will vanish from today’s Trail and appear on tomorrow’s one, instead — ready for them to attend to it.