Our Response to COVID-19

Joe Cripps
Oct 2020
4 min read

The last few months have been the most difficult any of us have experienced in our professional lives. Here's a few of the things we're doing to help.

Trail is now free while sites are closed

Budgets are tight right now. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, all billing has been suspended for all closed sites - you won’t pay anything until you reopen. Update your site status

Flexible payment terms

As sites reopen, it takes time for revenue to return. We understand, and have some options to get you through those first few months.
Contact the billing team

A new public task library
We've put together a set of best practise tasks customers can copy and customise for free. This includes a set of Covid-19 tasks to help your business respond to the crisis.
Browse the task library

Operational health check
This is a good time to review and improve all your tasks. One of our experts can do a full health check, and help update with the latest safety guidelines.
Book a health check

Some useful Help Articles

Managing site closures during Covid-19
You may want to adapt your tasks to your teams new working day. Learn how to temporarily change your sites status

Temporarily changing your business hours
The average day looks a bit different right now and you might be operating different hours to usual.
Learn how to update the hours you are open

Adapting your tasks
You might need variations on your usual tasks, for example if you're running as a takeaway.
Learn how to duplicate tasks and other useful tips

Some Official Guidance

We’re pulling some of the latest, most relevant guidelines together here, and updating the COVID task library as we go.