Stay on the Ball with Trail’s World Cup Hospitality Checklist

Be prepared for the World Cup and other big sporting events with this checklist. It ill help focus your efforts and prepare your team for the first whistle.
Amanda Poetker
May 2022
4 min read
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The World Cup is almost upon us, and for football fans it’s one of the most thrilling events in the calendar (we’ve been waiting 4 years for this, after all).

For the hospitality sector, it’s one of the most lucrative.

Football Fever

On average, 22% of British consumers watch sports in their local, with a third of those customers participating weekly and spending an average of £16.48 per visit.

Of course, this is no ordinary sporting event. Publicans can expect that number to rise, and the average expenditure increasing in line with footfall. Factor in summer weather and unique brand engagements and it really is a season to get excited about. There likely isn’t a person in the whole of the UK who DOESN’T know the world cup is on.

All the hospitality sector needs to do to make the most of what the World Cup has on offer is to plan ahead and be willing to get involved, with plenty of opportunities for creative brand activities, such as themed menus and pop-up locations. Think drink specials during off-peak games or themed menu items for the entirety of the tournament.

Preparing for Kick-Off

Ahead of the 14th June kick-off (Russia v Saudi Arabia, if you’re interested), there’s still plenty of preparation to be done. The following checklist will help to focus and support your efforts, and get your team ready for the first whistle:

  1. Settle on themes
  2. Confirm menu specials and offers with teams
  3. Clue employees in on match days and who’s playing
  4. Order enough stock to meet higher customer demand (if you have data from the last world cup tournament it may be wise to revisit it)
  5. Decorate front of house
  6. Create a seating plan to maximise customer viewing (and cheering!)
  7. Prepare social media posts leading up to, and covering the length of, the World Cup
  8. Design and distribute marketing promotions to inform customers of special deals
  9. Optimise operations to better handle the influx of business
  10. Organise employee rotas to ensure coverage of all matches
  11. Prepare to track sales during the tournament
  12. Now Engerland, Engerland, Engerland, Engerlaaaaaand! You get the idea…

One Actionable Place

Preparing for an event as much-loved as the World Cup can seem like a daunting prospect: it promises the potential for huge success, whilst putting additional pressure on your operations and your hard-working teams.

If you’re a Trail user, making the most of this checklist is straightforward. You can add each of the above tasks into the app, targeting them toward the individuals responsible and ensuring they’re all actioned, ready for the first match.

What’s more, you can also build checklists and reminders on the app to help staff remain focused throughout the World Cup season, guaranteeing them a place as winners come the final on July 15th — and hopefully England’s preparations will do the same for them!

Ready to make your 2018 World Cup season a little easier? Give us a shout to find out how being on the Trail helps.

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