The perfect Trail mix: Filmore & Union are the latest brand to join Trail

Stephanie Wedderburn
Oct 2020
4 min read
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Making operators’ lives easier is what gets us out of bed in the morning. So, we’re delighted to kick off 2018 by securing a partnership to roll out our platform across multi-site ‘feel good’ food and drink brand, Filmore & Union, as they look to grow their business.

“Introducing software can often be a painful process, but our experience with Trail couldn’t be further from the case. Our team members have really embraced the technology as it’s easy to use and fundamentally makes their lives easier, giving them more time to focus on creating exceptional customer experiences.”

- Laura Peasden, Filmore & Union:

Too often tech is seen as complicated and confusing. Our aim has always been to dispel this myth and focus on doing simple things extremely well, so that we can save labour hours, reduce admin and, ultimately, make the life of hospitality workers easier. It’s simple, but it works.

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The year ahead looks increasingly challenging for operators as they face into headwinds that are eating away at their bottom line. In the face of this, the industry will look to technology to understand how it can tackle these challenges and offer smart, efficient solutions.

One thing we know for sure (regardless of what happens with Brexit) is that the churn rate of workers within the industry, as well as health and safety compliance, will be two issues likely to be front and centre for operators. We’re looking forward to a fresh year working with Filmore & Union and helping other businesses make 2018 a good one too!